Wonderful DIY Cute Light Bulb Penguin Ornaments


How cute are theses penguin light bulb ornaments  ! As many people switch to using energy-saving compact fluorescent light bulbs, a lot of traditional light bulbs may be destined to be permanent residents of a landfill. Instead, use the bulbs for a child’s craft project. Light-bulb penguins can be used as Christmas ornaments or as decorations around the house. It’s a good idea to upcycle light bulbs  . And  the kids will love and enjoy making them .( Image via Pinterest )

Get the link below for tutorial on how to make light bulb penguin ornaments:

Click here for the video tutorial From Youtube


Ninja Turtle Christmas Ornaments DIY F Wonderful DIY Cute Light Bulb Penguin Ornaments

DIY cute-ninja-turtle-ornaments

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