Wonderful DIY Cute Hanging Owl Notebook From CD


Creative Ideas DIY Adorable Felted Owl from Old CD 1 Wonderful DIY Cute Hanging Owl Notebook From CD VIEW IN GALLERY Creative-Ideas-DIY-Adorable-Felted-Owl-from-Old-CD-2 VIEW IN GALLERY Creative-Ideas-DIY-Adorable-Felted-Owl-from-Old-CD-3 VIEW IN GALLERY Creative-Ideas-DIY-Adorable-Felted-Owl-from-Old-CD-4 VIEW IN GALLERY Creative-Ideas-DIY-Adorable-Felted-Owl-from-Old-CD-5 VIEW IN GALLERY Creative-Ideas-DIY-Adorable-Felted-Owl-from-Old-CD-6 VIEW IN GALLERY Creative-Ideas-DIY-Adorable-Felted-Owl-from-Old-CD-7 VIEW IN GALLERY Creative-Ideas-DIY-Adorable-Felted-Owl-from-Old-CD-8 VIEW IN GALLERY Creative-Ideas-DIY-Adorable-Felted-Owl-from-Old-CD-9 VIEW IN GALLERY Creative-Ideas-DIY-Adorable-Felted-Owl-from-Old-CD-10 VIEW IN GALLERY Creative-Ideas-DIY-Adorable-Felted-Owl-from-Old-CD-11 VIEW IN GALLERY Creative-Ideas-DIY-Adorable-Felted-Owl-from-Old-CD-12 How adorable is this hanging owl notebook ! Owl’s feet is a holder to put your pencil in it and there is a notebook hanged on it too , so you can record your important things or planning to reminder you never not to forget . And this felted owl looks so sweet and cheerful , it’s also a nice home decoration !

What you will need:

  • Felt of various colors;
  • An CD;
  • Paper;
  • Pencil;
  • Scissors;
  • Glue;
  • Ribbon;
  • Metal rings;
  • Ornaments: ribbon bows, ribbon butterfly, buttons, etc.

Directions:  First cut the felt in owl shape with template, also get owl’s eyes,feet,mouth…,then glue your recycled CD and make a felt owl. Gule the ribbon on the back of owl , put the metal rings on the feet and hang a notebook on it . Now you have your own hanging owl notebook ! Enjoy !

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