Wonderful DIY Creative Paper Ballerinas With Napkin and Wire

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Here is a nice idea for making paper ballerina with wire and paper napkin .These dainty little ballerinas would add a feminine and girly touch to any room. Got a little ballerina you’d like to see smile.Whether you dreamed about being a ballerina as a child, are a mom of a girl who’s into ballet or simply like delicate, handmade decorations, we think you’ll like this adorable Paper Ballerinas project. It’s a great idea for moms and daughters that can make a lovely decoration for girls’ bedrooms.

What you will need :

wire and pliers
paper napkin


1. To make these ballerinas first you have to make a basic structure of ballerina’s body using wire and pliers .
2. Then using starch paste cover the whole wire structure with paper napkin strips so that you get a white silhouette of ballerina’s body.
3. Then fold a paper napkin just like you fold it while cutting a snowflake and then trim off extra length to get the skirt ready.
4. Fold the skirt to form pleats and with the help of fine white tread tie the skirt around ballerina’s waist.
You can use colored napkins too for this purpose. Enjoy crafting!VIEW IN GALLERYpaper ballerinas F

Photo credit: Liveinternet.ru

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