Wonderful DIY Cozy Upcycled Sweater slippers


These cozy slippers made from an old sweater ,it’s a fun, gratifying and pretty quick project , try it ?
-old sweater
-2 pieces of 12″X 8″ felt (maybe larger if you have a really big foot)
*manilla folder
*double stick tape
*needle and thread
*tailor’s chalk
*sewing machine (optional)



  • Draw the size of your foot of a card sheet.
  • Trace the pattern on a piece of felt and cut four foot shapes ( 2 each for your left and right foot).
  • Cut a piece from the sweater. Place the piece between two felt foot shapes and sew along the outline of the foot.
  • Cut another U shaped piece of sweater to become the top of the slipper.
  • Sew the slipper as shown in the photo.
  • Repeat steps to complete the second¬†one
  • More details: http://bit.ly/1oguJBM

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