Trendy Kitchen 2021: Clever Ideas For Modern And Functional Kitchens

While we’re still struggling to beat the post-season blues, the first week of 2021 is when we step back and look at all the ways we can improve our homes and give them a “new trendy look”. for the coming year. Zoom on the 2021 kitchen trend through a gallery of some inspiring photos.modern kitchen trends 2021

This is the perfect time to put into practice the ideas you have had for a long time. When it comes to renovating our home, most of us tend to start instinctively through cooking. The modern kitchen is a space that combines functionality and form with a welcoming and predisposing environment. It’s in this environment that we explore the trendy culinary trends of the year that go beyond the obvious.

The 2021 trendy kitchen is one that is modern and functional at the same timemodern kitchen trends 2021

The 2021 trend kitchen with clever inspiring ideasmodern kitchen trends 2021

The best model kitchen 2021 trend that is unique and one that seduces with its relaxing atmosphere, its welcoming and social and organic finishes. A modern kitchen is one that favors comfort in a functional and sophisticated setting.modern kitchen trends 2021

Create a comfortable and relaxing corner

This is an idea that you must adopt in 2021, if you have not done so the year before. The best cuisines are those that gather to their owners and that offer a relaxing corner near the window and overlooking the outdoor landscape. Since most modern kitchens are open spaces, with connectivity to the garden, deck, patio or even outside view, it’s a good idea to add a bay window seat that lets you take it all in. account. For families with children, this becomes a practical option where adults can keep an eye on the little ones without any problem.modern kitchen trends 2021

It’s a great idea to have a relaxing corner near the window.

Open the kitchen on the outside is a great idea for families with children.

It’s time to try the wood floorsmodern kitchen trends 2021

If you have not yet checked the white and wooden kitchens we have presented, you absolutely must, because it is a color scheme that you can not ignore at the moment! An extension of this love of wood is the return of the kinds of wooden floors in the kitchen. Once considered high maintenance and difficult to clean, modern, carefully treated wooden floors can be both durable and elegant. If you’re still not convinced, you can cover areas that are heavily used by carpets while enjoying the beauty of the wooden floors.

The modern farmhouse style makes its statement in 2021modern kitchen trends 2021

If there is one style that has had the greatest impact over the past year, this is the look of the modern farmhouse. In the kitchens, this interior style combines modern and aesthetic functionality inspired by farmhouses. In a world that falls in love with wood again, this style makes perfect sense. The balance between the farm and the modern elements depends on your personal taste and the rest of your home. You can lean towards one or the other by simply modifying the smallest details. The structural features and the transition from the modern house to the farm house would seem almost homogeneous.

Add in the spark of metalmodern kitchen trends 2021

Beyond the style, functionality and warmth of wood, we focus on an element that will give light to your little kitchen without overdoing it. Metal accents have been popular for quite some time now, but take them a step further this year with copper or stainless steel backsplashes for even more dynamic kitchen space. The hood and matching appliances also give the kitchen a more neat visual appeal while accentuating the influence of metals.

You can not shake these shaker style cabinets!modern kitchen trends 2021

A classic that only seems to have improved thanks to our love for refined and contemporary design. The shaker style has made a comeback in recent years. These beautiful cabinets add symmetry and refinement to the kitchen in a discreet way. With many variations and endless options, a shaker-style kitchen easily finds space next to modern, minimalist living spaces.

The trendy kitchen 2021 is open, bright and has a kitchen island.modern kitchen trends 2021

Modern living spaces are open. It has long been understood that there is nothing better than opening a room to make it more pleasant to live and gain in brightness. The same is for cooking. The latter is meant to be practical. The kitchen island creates a dynamic and functional space at a time. Which kitchen island to choose depends on the configuration of your home and your desires.

The kitchen island with American bar is very convenient because we design an additional dining area, perfect for breakfast or afternoon tea.

At each kitchen, its islet.

The trendy kitchen 2021 has a well chosen lighting.modern kitchen trends 2021

Lighting is a key element in any room in the home. It is the one that creates the atmosphere and accentuates the furniture and decoration. In the kitchen, lighting is not something to take lightly because it performs several functions at once. When lighting for the kitchen is chosen, it is done by spotlights. It is very important to illuminate the worktop and kitchen island, for example. Suspended lighting is a good idea for this.

If you with your dining table installed in the kitchen, think about choosing beautiful hanging fixtures to highlight it. This lighting should not be too strong or too dim.

For a trendy kitchen 2021, try new colors.modern kitchen trends 2021

It is good to change the colors from time to time in order to enjoy a different and refreshed space. This year among the trend colors, we discover the coral pink, brown whiskey and mustard yellow. Coral pink may not be very suitable for cooking, but you can try it with brown whiskey or mustard yellow.

The brick wall is still trend in 2021.modern kitchen trends 2021

Having a brick wall is a beautiful reference to the industrial style. This type of wall integrates perfectly with the kitchen, the living room, the dining room and even the bedroom. Installing a real brick wall is quite expensive, but you can still opt for an imitation.

Exposed beams for a rustic style and cocoon.modern kitchen trends 2021

The exposed beams are most often associated with the old country houses. It is now possible to install them in a modern house or apartment. They bring a rustic side and cocoon perfectly adapted to the kitchen environment. Combine them with rustic furniture and vintage fixtures for a successful campaign style.

Mix black and white is always trendy.modern kitchen trends 2021

The combination of black and white is a classic. It can be applied in the interior of any room, including the kitchen. The kitchen in black and white is modern, simple and combine perfectly with stainless steel.

Moroccan tile or patterned tilemodern kitchen trends 2021

Tiling, floor or walls in the form of backsplash, is perfect to introduce a new touch of decor. Which patterns and colors to choose depends on your interior, your desires and your budget. In specialized stores you will find a very wide variety of models.

The trendy kitchen 2021 has a decor well found.modern kitchen trends 2021

No, you do not need a lot of decor to embellish an interior. The modern decor is the one that is well found and never cumbersome. Indeed, the best decoration is the one that is also practical. Yes, it is always possible to put a picture or a pretty framed photograph on a wall that seems empty to you. But the real decor is the one that can surprise with its practical side. You never think about it, but everything in the interiors is part of the kitchen decor: the cladding, the ceiling, the furniture, the utensils and the dishes.

What a beautiful kitchen and what a magnificent ceiling!modern kitchen trends 2021

Lighting can always be installed in a room to decorate it in an aesthetic and practical way.

Opt for an interesting and eye-catching backsplash.

Brilliant finishes are very trendy this season especially when it comes to the kitchen backsplash. To protect the wall and to decorate the kitchen, we choose an interesting and attractive kitchen backsplash. Copper kitchen backsplashes are a great way to add some texture, style and color to your kitchen. In recent years, copper has become increasingly popular in interior design in a variety of forms: furniture, façades, objects, accessories and more. In the kitchen, copper is revealed in the form of backsplash, utensils and decorative objects. Finally, this material is quite expensive, but of a very high quality.

Black kitchen and glossy backsplashmodern kitchen trends 2021

The kitchen island can also be a small wooden table like the one on the picture below. It is a little higher than the standard low tables. The stools that surround it, allow to use it also as bar and dining area.

Moroccan tiles are really trendy lately. He is often chosen for his warm and joyful aesthetic. In the kitchen, in the living room or in the bathroom, Moroccan tiles are an interesting and practical way to protect the walls and the floor while introducing an oriental touch.

By installing the dining table near the kitchen is a smart solution that will make it easier for you when serving the meal.

It is advisable to install the kitchen island and worktop next to or in front of the window.

With an original backsplash, even the cleanest kitchen, becomes joyful. The kitchen interior pictured on the photo below is a great example of what it’s like to have a modern, rustic and Scandinavian cuisine at a time.

Space, light and movementmodern kitchen trends 2021

As you can see, the trendy 2021 kitchen is a space that combines aesthetics, functionality and simplicity. This is indeed the trend for any interior this year. In recent years, the Scandinavian style and the warm beauty of wood have invaded the minds of everyone. Admittedly, we live in IKEA and JYSK times. These two major manufacturers of Scandinavian-style furniture have made it accessible to everyone. They offer a whole range of products that easily find their place in any modern interior.

The rustic and vintage style is also very fashionable. And you, you like it? Look at this fitted kitchen interior with rustic wood furniture and antique metal fixtures and two gorgeous vintage stools:

And yes, we all dream of living in a loft, but it is not always possible. In short, if you are one of the lucky inhabitants of loft, here is an idea how to arrange your kitchen:

A kitchen all in wood and white: classic, refined and very Scandinavian.modern kitchen trends 2021

The following kitchen model is not only warm and cocooning because it was designed in wood and white, but also because there is natural light that enters freely.

Rusticity and elegancemodern kitchen trends 2021

So, did you choose your favorite 2021 trend kitchen model?

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