Sophie Turner’s Edited Video From TV Show Survive (5 Pics)

Sophie Turner has recently joined a television show Survive, and once it was revealed, the fans congratulated her as it will be her first post-Game of Thrones TV show. The show is about to revolve around a plane crash survivor who has to get back to normal life leaving behind the scars she got from the accident.

The complexity of the character is difficult to portray, but the fans are confident about Turner’s skill. Recently, one of the edited clips from the first episode of the first season went viral, and the fans cannot stop discussing it. The fans had set their bar of expectation high as it is a different genre, and the clip proved them right.


Sophie Turner sexy pictures

In the clip, Turner was seen in a bathtub while washing up. The actress was looking gorgeous and sensual. The shot was captured with mastery: the dim background light and iconic camera angle made the shot even more sophisticated.


Sophie Turner hot pictures
Sophie Turner hot pictures

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The actress was showing off her lovely figure and naturally radiant skin. Her wet blond locks were sticking on her back. The actress wore no makeup to make the bathing scene realistic. The somber expression of Turner and the low-light shot created an amazing effect.


At the same time, it is astonishingly beautiful how the actress partially revealed her body to make the shot aesthetically pleasing. The actress is looking enthralling, but it is not shadowing the scene like an overtone.



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