New Trends in Interior Design That Will Surprise In 2020

Next year will be the year of the decorative explosion in the interior design sector. After years of enjoying styles such as the industrial, the Nordic or the navy, the time has come to unify trends in the same space and to achieve eclectic designs full of personality and good taste.

If you are passionate about interior design or you are thinking of giving a different air to your house, do not miss this article. In it, we gather trends in interior design that will break in 2020. You will not know which one to stay with.

Betting on a single decorative style is part of the past

As we commented at the beginning of the post, 2020 will be the year of the revolution in the field of interior design. Thus, it will depend on your ability to link and adapt styles, the fact of getting unique and completely personal spaces.

Gone are styles such as Nordic or Scandinavian. Next year we will no longer have to decide which style we like best to decorate every corner of our home. It will give way to the combination of different trends that can coexist in a single space or can be used in different rooms creating multiple environments.

We are aware that it is not easy to adapt the minimalism of some styles with the Rococo character of others, but in balance there will be the key to elegance and distinction. The combination of different styles will lead to difficult spaces to imitate. Would you be able to visualize an industrial environment with rustic touches? And a navy style with ethnic touches? Next year you will not have to imagine it and you will be able to experiment without fear because any decorative element will be of the most rabid news.

In ecological housing, ecological materials

We know that modern architecture is aimed at sustainability and environmentalism. A few years ago, we are committed to building with natural building materials and respecting the environment in which it is built. Therefore, it seems reasonable to internalize this philosophy and apply it also in interior design.

Thus, we will find spaces in our homes combined with nature in which relaxing and disconnecting from the routine will be easier and easier. We will welcome materials such as cork, esparto grass or wood that we must integrate in an aesthetic but also functional way.

These three materials give a lot of play in the field of decoration. The wood is still fashionable but next year will bet on wood with darker shades such as ebony, granadillo or oak. We will see how the furniture stands out above any other ornament. The esparto, will provide a rustic touch to any environment. This material extracted from various wild plants will be imposed on carpets, blinds and even lamps. And as for cork, we can not think of a better way to integrate it than covering the wall of a studio or office. Besides aesthetic, it will help you to have all your annotations in order.New Trends in Interior Design 2020

The floors and walls take on a special role

In 2020 no decorative element can be left to chance. Therefore, pay special attention to the walls and floor of your home will be a success in order to follow the trends in the interior. The tiles will have a greater relevance in the decoration and will return the terracotta and the terrazzo! Who said they were materials reserved only for terraces and patios? The terrazzo will shine again in the countertops of our kitchens and the terracotta, although it seems difficult to use indoors, will be the perfect material to make shelves built into the walls or to raise arches that separate different rooms.New Trends in Interior Design 2020

In addition, the variety of existing designs in wallpapers will make you unable to resist combining them creating authentic works of art in every corner. They are easy to put on, they avoid having to paint every so often and they give each wall of your home an authentic personality.

Japanese philosophy becomes hollow in homes

You have probably already heard about the WabiSabi and the Japandi style, both of Japanese origin, but if you do not know them, we present them to you because surely next year you will decide to bet on one of them.

The WabiSabi is a style that consists of taking advantage of the beauty of the old, of the imperfect. Thus, it will not be so strange to have a wooden mirror pickled without sanding in the living room, lamps inherited from an ancestor in the bedroom and that vintage-style rocking chair that we did not know where to place, in the hall. We can not think of a better way to recycle and take advantage of elements that may seem old and even broken, but that will give a new meaning to interior decoration.

The Japandi is nothing other than a combination of the Nordic style with the Japanese. Both opt for minimalism as a guarantee of success in interior design, although each has its own characteristics. Coming from different parts of the world, the Nordic style has given us the feeling of relaxation offered by the white and gray colors and the sense of order derived from the absence of excessive decorative elements, the Japanese nevertheless provides warmer colors resulting in environments more welcoming and a timeless elegance much more durable. Combine them, will undoubtedly be a success for next year.New Trends in Interior Design 2020

The art of combining colors

Just as we expect a revolution in materials, styles and furniture, we also expect an explosion of colors in which the difficulty will be to know how to combine them. The burgundy, red watermelon, lilac and different shades of yellow that will range from lemon to mustard will be the ideal colors to create warm and welcoming environments that will work regardless of the season of the year in which we find ourselves.

With white we will always be facing the winning horse in the field of interior design, but the combination of this with other current colors such as gray, black and beige, and the incorporation in the correct proportions of any of those cited will give excellent aesthetic results.New Trends in Interior Design 2020

There are only three months left. We are looking forward to a promising year in terms of interior design trends, are you ready to enjoy it?

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