New Trends for Coffee Table Ideas in 2020/2021

In an attempt to start our research started with the trends in living room items now we invite you to explore the fascinating word of modern coffee table design. It turns out that today there is such a wide variety of models, materials and trends on the market that it was very difficult for our selection of coffee table ideas for the 2020/2021 season to make the best choice.

Diversity begins with the choice of materials – glass, metal and marble designs are quite hot nowadays and it is difficult to explore their rich diversity in just a few pictures. But our team at Newdecortrends would like to select for you those who demonstrate an immense style and are easily integrated into modern interiors for your home.

As you know from our previous articles, there is a very strong vintage and retro vibe in the design of the modern decor. We have discovered this in 2019 as a positive sign for Design Trends to Watch and discover great examples from the 50s and 60s that fit perfectly in our modern word. Vintage references and retro tips from the 60s and 70s can be discovered when it comes to colors, materials, shapes and textures. Bold orange, yellow, blue, metal bronze and copper, strong graphic expressions and high-contrast textures and shapes can be observed on the design fashion scene.

And how does this retro wave reflect small details of furniture design? Well, even simple everyday objects such as the modern coffee tables are fascinatingly interesting and very artistic. Let us show you. We start with an interesting selection of materials.

Glass coffee tablesNew trends coffee table ideas 2021

It may be fragile and not very easy to maintain, but the Black & Blue by Evangelos Vasileioumakes the transparent glass coffee table a very entertaining and functional experience. Simple and clear lining The “Mix & Match” composition of this stylish object can be used in a variety of functional ways: as a low table with a number of levels for storing magazines, remotes or as low shelves: when placed against a wall. It has an airy presence and a contemporary look – a steel construction that supports shelves of blue, clear glass, creating a light and cheerful combination of materials and colors – and functional benefits that make it suitable for a variety of modern décor compositions.

These hexagonal creations by the German designer Sebastian Scherer remind us of an exquisite depiction of the honeycomb ornaments – decided only in transparent blue, green, gray and bronze colored glass – a timely solution for a timeless form. They can be arranged and fit like puzzle pieces or used individually. Transparent and light they can give any home playful lightness.

The Hamburg studio Marfa tells a philosophical story with the presentation of this new piece – the Lunar table. A story of new beginnings in a distant world – the childish fantasies about infinite space and the incredible expectations of what is hidden there. Concentric circles of gradually changing hues of colored glass lay like a black metal base on the shuttle.

The clear, floating silhouette of Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance’s contemporary creation corresponds to the spiritual meaning of her name – Aoyama, the Blue Mountain, a district of Tokyo where Zen culture meets modern life. The tinted blue glass and the minimalist expression of the round coffee table have a certain serenity of design.

Another material that allows creative games of fantasy in the field of modern design:

Metal coffee tablesNew trends coffee table ideas 2021

Antonino Sciortino had created a breezy contemporary collection of steel tables that offers a wide variety of sizes, shapes (round, square and rectangular) and colors (sky blue, green, ivory, mud, plum, chocolate and black) for many different décor compositions, The characteristic, airy and fragile table base contrasts with the solidity of the building materials that create dynamic tension.

This art piece from the Canadian studio UUfie is one of our favorite varieties for modern coffee tables – it integrates liquid metals in the growth zones of the wood, creating unique, textured tables. Made in different sizes and colors, each of the tables has a central piece of wood that tapers smoothly to a metal edge, which in turn drains into graceful legs.

The table by Andreas Kowalewski combines dark ash steel and copper-plated steel into two elegant, seemingly sculpted coffee tables. Its contemporary shape and bright expression go very well with modern interiors. And last but not least, the trendy brass color always adds some glamor to the design arrangement.

The simplicity and clear expression of this project by Roberto Lazzeroni, Mr. Zheng Coffee Tables, is inspired by the bamboo effect from the Far East. The thin scaffold from the base represents a lattice made up of elegant steel bars that support a varnished wooden top in a wide variety of matte colors.

The Clyde double-top table harmoniously combines no less than three materials in a completely contemporary way. Made of galvanized steel, marble effect ceramic and smoked glass, the table offers finesse, style and charm to any modern living room arrangement.

The floating structure of the allegory side table by Marie-Christine Dorner is conceived as an architectural composition. The brass pillars loosely connect the satined bronze “floor” and the black “ceiling”. In between, functional storage space is open and invites the creativity of the owner.

Coffee Table SetsNew trends coffee table ideas 2021

Here we show you a unique set of tables that are almost a work of art themselves. Three designers create a series of small objects that can be called coffee tables, but in reality they are a feast for the eyes and playful for decoration. Charlotte Perriand, Jaime Hayon and Luca Nichetto have created a bold combination of colors, materials and shapes for your interior design.

Triangular shaped colorful tops with stylish rounded corners are laid on black metal structures and, thanks to the different shapes, sizes and colors, can create multiple design combinations – a dynamic composition that brings the artistic and contemporary atmosphere to any home. Petalo tables were created in 1951 for the university rooms in the city of Antony near Paris, but never put into production. Now they appear again in the fashion design scene and bring playful flair in the game of interior design.

A contemporary series of objects with a soft rounded appearance and fresh emanation, designed by the master of architecture Le Corbusier and reinterpreted by the designer Jaime Hayon.

The Torei tables by Luca Nichetto are an eclectic mix of shapes (round, square, triangular), colors, sizes and materials (natural ash, black or red colored, up to three types of marble). These coffee tables can create a dynamic architecture combinations that give any modern place fresh, playful spirit.

Wooden coffee tablesNew trends coffee table ideas 2021

This work of Italian brand Riva 1920’s – Earth Table, carries in its design a deep conceptual meaning. The top contains pieces of kauri wood from old trees preserved in New Zealand swamps and sculpted in clear resin resembling a world map. The curved iron base symbolizes the collapsed wreck of the Twin Towers due to their merit. It is inspired and beautiful piece for your home.

This is an unusual combination of materials that offers great craftsmanship and ingenious inspiration. British designer Bethan Gray created her latest collection of hand-crafted furniture with vividly stained wood and brass-colored inlays that create wind waves all over the top. The pieces have a smooth plastic expression and an elegant modern appearance.

The elegant simplicity of this modern piece was created by the London design studio Pinch. The Rodancoffee table shows the beauty of clear wood in a simple, functional form.

This Signature wooden coffee table by Studio Kairos impresses with its clever design (useful hidden drawer) and modern plasticity in form and color – a great central piece for any living room composition.

The noble appearance of this creation by Christophe Pillet comes from the elegant combination of solid Canaletto walnut strips and C-shaped metal profile for the base. The clear expression of its shape inspires the name – the deck table, inviting and rich with a natural look and elegant presence.

Marble coffee tablesNew trends coffee table ideas 2021

First, we present you this elegant and classic silhouette of Emmanuel Dietrich – the Alster. With its thick, light gray veined Carrara marble and rounded corners, the marble coffee table fits in with a sleek and elegant interior.

Here we have a combination of two luxurious and trendy materials: the brass colored aluminum base, beautiful and airy and the smooth surface of the marble top, available in different colors. Mondrian coffee tables by Jean-Marie Massaud – beautiful and light.

The Polish designer Olga Bielawska creates the visual illusion of a in striped silk draped table with lines of black and white marble. This inspired and unique piece of artistic design is a fascinating addition to any decor.

Terrazzo coffee tablesNew trends coffee table ideas 2021

Terrazzo is originally made of marble scrap and has been used as a construction for centuries and processes materials in buildings – most commonly floors and cladding. Thanks to its durability, the Terrazzo table is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Such a table is an excellent complement for home design as well as for restaurants, gardens and public spaces. Here the table top is made of electrolytically galvanized steel with a powder coating for outdoor use. The austere and functional top is broken off by a colorful and playful base in terrazzo. This gives the table a fashionable and artistic look. Interesting for the terrazzo as a material is that it possesses the qualities of concrete, but unlike concrete, the material has an expressive and rich surface,

The development and enhancement of the terrazzo trend has been developed by the furniture company Another Brand into a set of speckled pedestal tables – Primo Terrazzo Tavolini tables. The combination of shapes – the cubic column and the circular base and top – create a dynamic tension and unique design expression. The marbled patterns are made by placing marble remnants in the cement – lasting and lasting combination with beautiful vivid aesthetics.

This creation by Italian designer Alberto Bellamoli has a sweet, rounded overall expression that starts with colored marble patches and goes through the rounded shapes of the silhouette. The tables exude artistic beauty and unique character.

In conclusion, we can only confirm that there are a great variety of materials, shapes, colors, sizes and ideas for your modern coffee tables in the interior design market today, so just explore and choose from this rich, beautiful abundance.

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