New Tips for Youth Bedroom Decor Trends 2020

Ideas and tips for a youth bedroom in 2020, we tell you how to decorate it with the latest trends and the best styles for young people.

Before starting to talk about trends or show some interesting proposals for the decoration of a good dormitory 2020, the best advice we can give is that we listen as parents, the opinion of our children about how they want to decorate their room.

Decorative tips for the youth bedroom 2020Youth Bedroom Decor Trends 2020

It is clear that we are the ones who are going to pay for new furniture, colors, paint, etc … but we can not overlook that a teenager always wants his personality to be reflected in everything that surrounds him and nothing will help us to want for them a minimalist style room for example, if it is a boy or girl who likes to have his own space full of details and with all kinds of colors.

Before decorating a room and that the answer is completely negative on the part of the adolescent in question it is better that we go to choose their furniture and the color of the walls all together so that you can choose something that everyone likes, that is, both parents and children.

On the other hand, it is important to take into account not only the budget but also we must assess the space that we have and that this is the place where they will have to spend more time.

It is better to get a decorative style with which they feel comfortable and above all relaxed, and in an environment where they can study without problems. A teenager needs a study area, a comfortable table and chair, and some shelves for books, folders and other objects. Think of a room that is comfortable and practical so that your child can rest and also study.

Another tip that we give you is to “make the most of the furniture that we already have, so you do not have to buy everything new. What’s more, if for example you buy furniture of one color and you want to take advantage of the one you already have, you can always paint it so that everyone shares the same tone and stays together.

A good advice is to also have storage areas , since young people often have many books, clothes, and even toys so everything that are drawers, shelves or trunks will be a good option to keep everything and especially for the room to be collected.

Factors to consider when decorating a youth bedroomYouth Bedroom Decor Trends 2020

I have already mentioned the space as a key factor when decorating a youth bedroom, and in fact when decorating any corner of the house because it will not do us any good to buy a large closet or a huge bed if it does not go finish.

If the youth bedroom has little space you will need functional furniture with which all needs can be covered. Bunk beds, for example, or trundle beds can be a solution if it is a small room and is shared over.

On the other hand, we must also assess the light that the bedroom has.  If you get a lot of natural light, you can paint some or all of the walls a little more intensely, since the light will colorify the color.

Anyway, any color that is clear, will allow you to see the much wider space , so you can always choose them for the walls and perhaps paint one of them in a color that is somewhat more striking so that young people feel that their room is of the most modern. The roof better in a light color to achieve greater contrast.

Current trends for the youth bedroom

ColorYouth Bedroom Decor Trends 2020

One of the first trends that we want to show you when it comes to decorative styles for juvenile bedrooms is that of color.

Although previously I mentioned that a good option will be to choose light tones, so that we can get more space, the truth is that youth furniture that we can find now in stores like Ikea or Conforama is presented in shades like these that we see above.

Having the colorful furniture brings a very modern style to the youth bedroom and, in passing, will allow the walls and curtains to be of the light colors that I have advised you so that everything looks modern and at the same time spacious.

Folding bedsYouth Bedroom Decor Trends 2020

On the other hand, the trend of having functional furniture is fully exploitable in the case of youth bedrooms, and more when we can have beds like this room and that is collected while not being used. In addition, the bedroom has large and open shelves where you can store everything.

If you look at the bed it hardly occupies space once it has been opened and the area in which we keep it has small shelves in which to place books or other elements.

Rooms in two heightsYouth Bedroom Decor Trends 2020

Another good trend is to make the furniture or the elements of the bedroom are a bit high so that we can dispose under the bed, as we see in this other proposal and that by the way is presented in beige tones that are ideals

Auxiliary furnitureYouth Bedroom Decor Trends 2020

After having seen some advice on the colors to use in the juvenile bedrooms and having seen some of the best styles, it is time to talk about the different furniture and auxiliary furniture as well as accessories that we must take into account when decorating the our children’s room.

The auxiliary furniture is of the most important because they allow us to enjoy much more of our rooms at the same time that allow us to organize much better things and enjoy much more space in the room. Let’s see some of the furniture that we can not stop having in our youth room:

  • Tables and chairs for the study: the tables and chairs are the most important when decorating and take better advantage of the children’s room for our children. In this sense, we must tell you that there are models, colors and very variable measures and it is even possible to find them incorporated in the furniture of the room as a global set. We must bear in mind that the table can have different styles, but the chair should be found in a way that is comfortable and holds the back of users well to avoid problems of fatigue and injuries and discomfort in the back.
  • Trunks and boxes: the trunks and boxes are some of the best accessories we have right now to take better advantage of the space in the rooms. The trunks are perfect to give a different and personal touch to the room, in the same way that we can store anything in them. Having them of different sizes and sizes, we will always find the trunk we need. As for the boxes, we must bear in mind that these are usually made of plastic, but we can also find them in wood. In them, we can store a large amount of school supplies, toys, etc.
  • Chests with drawers: if the room does not have a dresser, we should think about looking for one to add to the room. The dressers are perfect for ordering clothes, clothes to be at home, etc.
  • Puffs: Puffs are one of the accessories that our children and their friends will like the most, as there are designs of the most varied and colorful. It is a complement especially fun for them and is most comfortable for them to sit on it and listen to music or read a book.
  • Shelves: the shelves are ideal for holding books and different figures that we have in the room. They allow us to have more space using the walls of the room that would otherwise be unused.
  • Percheros: the racks are almost essential in the youth room is that we will be lucky that our children always leave their clothes and hung their coats have them in your room. This way, they will not have to use the chair or leave everything above the bed.

And, so you can keep taking ideas to decorate your room or your child’s, we leave you with a photo gallery where you can find many new ideas and proposals.

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