Post : Lil Nas X Shares Area 51-Themed Video For ‘Old Town Road’ Remix

Last Friday, Lil Nas X released yet another remix of his smash hit, “Old Town Road.” This time, the rapper augmented his original remix with Billy Ray Cyrus, also inviting Young Thug and Mason Ramsey (also known as the Walmart Yodeling Kid) to take part of the track.

The young rapper rose to fame after “Old Town Road” became a meme of its own, and Nas X has crafted his career thus far to reflect his internet-savvy sensibilities. Appropriately, in the new music video for his recent remix, he taps into the recent viral Facebook event, “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us,” a group that sarcastically encourages attendees to raid the Air Force base for evidence of a government cover-up of alien life.

In Lil Nas X’s new clip, he illustrates the potential raid of Area 51, with illustrations of other cult cultural figures like The Avengers‘ Thanos and Keanu Reeves making appearances in the animation. Watch the ridiculous music video below:

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