Lada Lyumos Poses In See-Through Dress (13 Pics)

Russian cosplay model and designer Lada Lyumos is well-known for creating gorgeous cosplay images. Her iconic body proportion often charms her fans. Her Instagram account, with more than 115k followers, is loaded with teaser photos from her cosplay shoots.

She offers Patreon exclusive content that shows off her fabulous figure. Recently, the 24-year-old model posed in a see-through dress for a photoshoot by Kira Mitenkova. Her pretty facial features and the small bit of editing made the image look like a dream.


Lada Lyumos hot pictures

To pose for the photos, she stood by the water, near the shore. Dim sunlight glided on her body as she stretched her hands over her head. Lada chose a see-through dress for the shooting, and the white dress was a perfect fit to show off her fantastic proportion.


Lada Lyumos sexy pictures
Lada Lyumos sexy pictures

The plunging neckline of the lacy see-through dress revealed her cleavage. The sheer material of the dress flaunted her charming curves. Her wavy red locks fell on her shoulder while the sea-wind was playing with them.

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A little amount of makeup was used to highlight her pretty facial features. The Backdrop of the snaps is undoubtedly a boon to them. The scenic beauty of the far horizon where the sea has met the sky contributed to this dream-like sequence.


Most probably, the model wanted to use the effect for the dim-light shot that offers a morning freshness at the very first glance. The snaps were aesthetically pleasing and radiated an inexplicable charm that does not get overshadowed by the model’s sensuousness.




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