Kitchen Trends 2021 – New design for new kitchens

What trends are there for the kitchen equipment in 2021? Which colors and materials are required? And which furnishing styles and equipment will play a role in the design of the new kitchens? We looked around the kitchen shows and show the latest kitchen trends for 2021.

1. Kitchen color trends

New colors for the kitchen

Black is the new black. Without black it is not in the kitchen equipment, because the color is still trendy for 2021. Overall, the kitchen colors for 2021 are rather dark: anthracite, midnight blue, fir green and dark woods are the sounds that dominate the kitchen equipment. But even a new, lighter rosé color mixes vigorously and brings a fresh breeze in the kitchen design.

These are the new color trends for kitchens:

  • Dusty Colors
  • black
  • Rose

Kitchens in Dusty Colors

2021 new kitchen design trends ideasThe new kitchen colors , which many kitchen manufacturers show in their trade fair exhibitions, are dark and subdued. The keyword for the color trend is “Dusty Colors”. Dusty Colors are dulled, matte colors with little luminosity. The English name Dusty describes very well the somewhat “dusty” acting color design in these kitchens, which results from the fact that gray tones are used in combination with green, blue, violet or brown shades and thus give the kitchen a very special ambience.

There are no limits to creativity in kitchen design. Because the appeal of the kitchen trend consists in the mix of muted tones, because due to the same color intensity, the Dusty Colors can be perfectly combined. When a harmonious blend of tones such as Quartz Gray, Mocha Brown, Blue Gray, Sage Green, Nougat or Ever Green is created, the kitchen is unique and unique. Dusty Colors harmonize wonderfully with dark wood tones, slate and concrete. Especially fashionable is the Dusty Colors trend for handleless design kitchens or modern country kitchens, where the new dark gray, slate and graphite shades are an interesting alternative for classic white kitchens in country house style.

Kitchens in black

2021 new kitchen design trends ideasBlack kitchens are back in fashion and are welcome in every kitchen style: elegant design kitchens convince with matt surfaces and a handle-free look. The new country house fronts in black, however, make the traditional country house style look modern and timeless. But not only solid colors are in demand, just as convince wood stone and steel decors in black: kitchen fronts blackened in oak, in a nearly black slate or black steel make the kitchen look very stylish and sophisticated.

The new black surfaces are often combined with wood colors or white. Because contrasting colors gently dampen the black complete look. Shelving elements and worktops in white marble create a nice contrast and set a color highlight to black.

Kitchens in Rosé

2021 new kitchen design trends ideasWithout being too girlish, the new soft Roséton is the new accent color – used sparingly in the kitchen design – for a modern eye-catcher. The Roséton – named after the sonorous name Marshmallow by a kitchen manufacturer – goes perfectly with dark kitchen fronts in gray and anthracite.

Rosé makes dark tones less domineering and adds a fresh, light color accent to the kitchen interior. But also to light wood and white Rosé can be perfectly combined. The use of the new color shade ranges from individual shelves, via niche rear walls to the entire fronts of a kitchen.

2. Kitchen material trends

These materials are announced

Brilliant, luxurious and full of naturalness – this is how the material and surface trends for kitchen equipment in 2021 can be summarized. Metallic shades set shimmering accents in the kitchen, while marble stands for style and elegance. And those who appreciate the natural charm and comfort in the kitchen, will be surprised with new wood tones.

These are the new material trends for kitchens:

  • Metallic tones in gold, copper and stainless steel
  • Marble in white and black
  • Natural wood tones

Kitchens in metallic

2021 new kitchen design trends ideasgold, brass, copper, bronze or stainless steel are very popular in kitchen design and show their shiny side. The new metallic shades develop an extraordinary shine, because kitchen fronts and countertops look like they are covered with gold and also copper surfaces look convincingly authentic as if they had a real patina.

The shimmering metallic tones are used in all kitchen elements. The new metallic surfaces for kitchen fronts are popular, but they are also found in handles, fittings, worktop edges and baseboards. The combination options of Metallic are manifold: The kitchen design becomes luxurious in the mix of gold with black and white. Bronze and copper together with wooden tones look warm and homely. Stainless steel surfaces give the kitchen a cool and modern look.

Kitchens in marble

2021 new kitchen design trends ideasAn interior trend that is becoming more and more popular in the kitchen design are finishes in noble marble optics in white, gray or black tones. Marble decors are used in kitchen fronts, worktops or niche rear walls, giving the kitchen a refined and timeless design. The design of the kitchen is particularly impressive: if fronts and work surfaces are planned over the entire surface with the stone décor, the impression of a massive marble block is created on a freestanding kitchen island.

Surfaces in marble decor are sturdy, reasonably priced and easy to maintain. A worktop made of genuine marble convinces with a unique pattern image, which is different in every kitchen. Marble surfaces in handleless and straightforward design kitchens are especially beautiful, but also as countertops in elegant country kitchens. The perfect color partners are all so-called non-colors such as white, gray, black or a restrained wood tone.

Kitchens in wood colors

2021 new kitchen design trends ideasThe color palette of wood tones for kitchen design is more diverse than ever. Light woods such as Iceland Maple, Skandic Oak or Alteiche Sand are in demand in kitchen fronts and worktops, as are dark, almost black wood tones in volcanic oak, black oak or Tabaco oak. The warm wood shades together with skilful room planning make beautiful combinations for nature-loving living, cooking and living in the kitchen.

Common to all wood decors is the so-called synchronous pore with characteristic and deceptively real-looking grain patterns. When you feel the grains, the majesty in the wood decor is palpable, you can feel what you see. In this way, the look and feel of wood décors come very close to the model of nature.

3. Kitchen trend furnishing styles

Furnishing ideas for stylish kitchens

THERE is no one style of furnishing that is seen as a pioneering culinary trend. More important is individuality to underline the personal style and to find the kitchen equipment that pleases and suits you. If you are still looking for some inspiration, here are some interior design ideas for kitchen design.

These are the new furnishing trends for kitchens:

  • Flora Fauna
  • Mysticism & Glamor
  • Industrial & concrete

Kitchens in the floral decor style

2021 new kitchen design trends ideasIt is greening and blossoming in the new furnishing trend, which now also finds its way into kitchen design. Surrounded by motifs from flora and fauna, decorative blossoms and creatures from the animal world unfold their ornamental effect on wallpapers and elegantly stage simple kitchen furniture. The decorative interior design style matches stylish design kitchens as well as nostalgic country kitchens.

The floral decor trend offers many opportunities to make the new kitchen lively, but here is less is more. If you want to get the floral trend in the kitchen, it’s best to start small and paper only a wall in a decorative flower design. Also, the wallpaper colors should match the furniture colors to get a harmonious color combination. Matching accessories or a fresh bouquet of flowers liven up the interior and make the new kitchen bloom.

Kitchens in glamorous furnishing style

2021 new kitchen design trends ideasOpulent, glamorous and full of mystique, the new furniture trend that we see for the coming year is all about. Kitchen and living elements merge together with noble colors, high-quality materials and extravagant design means to a glamorous and creative place for cooking, living and enjoying.

Cool black steel, shimmering oxide and dark volcanic oak are the new tones that, together with noble wall paints, high-quality equipment and selected accessories, ignite their mystical and enchanting effect. And best of all: the interior design trend can be perfectly combined with all new color and material trends. Because what is more glamorous than shiny gold surfaces and more mystical than the Dusty Color palette.

Kitchens in industrial & concrete furnishing style

2021 new kitchen design trends ideasIndustrial-inspired kitchen elements are new to cool concrete surfaces. The kitchen trend of the industrial style, which continues to be hip, is reinterpreted by innovative concrete shades. The color palette ranges from light white concrete over gray to dark black concrete – there are no limits to the scope of design and combination here. Black, white, as well as wood and (noble) steel prove to be harmonious color and material partners.

The rough and imperfect furnishing style of the new Indusrial Style is dominated by steel elements incorporated in table racks, shelves or urban and cool stools. Kitchen fronts and countertops in concrete decor or real concrete veneer skilfully emphasize the rough look of the Industrial & Concrete furnishing trends.

4. Kitchen trend facilities

New ideas for kitchen equipment

Clever equipment and accessory solutions are undoubtedly part of a perfectly organized kitchen. Because only when the equipment of a kitchen is intuitive and comfortable you can use it. In our kitchen trends, we present three interior design ideas that make kitchen life simply more beautiful and practical.

These are the new equipment trends for kitchens:

  • Right in the middle – the new dining tables for kitchens
  • Ideas for the utility room
  • Kitchen garden – fresh herbs in the kitchen

Dining tables for the kitchen

2021 new kitchen design trends ideasIt’s back in the kitchen – with new table and bench solutions that can be designed to match the kitchen design. Featured are modern table frames that either elegantly frame a kitchen island or serve as a classic dining area.

There are no limits to the variety of planning and design options, the table racks are available in different shapes, sizes and colors – from stainless steel, to black and white. And the decor of the tabletop is selectable – so can the favorite color to plan the kitchen. Particularly popular are table and seat frames, whose feet are tilted 7 ° outwards, which gives the new dining area a particularly modern touch. With cozy seat cushions on the bench, the dining area in the kitchen is the new favorite place.

A utility room made of kitchen furniture

2021 new kitchen design trends ideasWhere to go with a washing machine, vacuum cleaner, cleaning supplies or food supplies? In the kitchen, there is often little room to accommodate these things; only a few have a suitable cellar. In modern family homes or condominiums, the utility room, short HWR experienced just a revival. With cupboards from the kitchen furniture program you will find now also the right equipment for a functional and space-saving planning and furnishing of the utility room.

Clever solutions for the accommodation of washing machine, dryer and cleaning equipment offer kitchen cabinets and equipment elements, which can be individually designed in the desired colors, eg matching the fitted kitchen. Functional shelving systems, pull-out shelves for laundry baskets, as well as elements for practical interior organization are convenient for storing supplies, cleaning agents and laundry care.

Kitchen Garden – Fresh herbs in the kitchen

2021 new kitchen design trends ideasWhat could be more enjoyable than refining the food you are cooking with fresh herbs? And the spicy green does not have to come from the classic herb pot on the windowsill. In the kitchen you will now find small, integrated kitchen gardens, with which herbs are quickly at hand to provide food directly for fresh spice.

There are many ways to get some greenery into the kitchen with herbal gardens: built into box elements that are embedded in kitchen furniture or in free-standing shelving systems, a kitchen garden ensures a healthy kick of freshness in the kitchen. You do not necessarily need a green thumb, with bought pots of herbs can not go too much wrong.

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