Josie Canseco’s Images by France Duque and Jesse Rambis (13 Pics)

The American model has an impressive figure, and she loves to flaunt it. She often offers her Instagram followers glimpses from her life and teases them with incredible snaps of herself. Recently, Josie posed for an aesthetic photoshoot by France Duque and Jesse Rambis.

The photographer duo focuses on taking out the beauty that lies in simplicity. They use their “unique style” to bring out the charm of the subject of their shot. Josie posed in a minimalistic look, but the images are rich in gorgeousness. France and Jesse have posted a few pictures from the shoot on their Instagram with the caption “An angel.”


Josie Canseco hot pics

Josie posed in loose, tailored white pants with a high waist. The model went topless for the shoot. She covered her breasts with her arms for some snaps. The model used a no-makeup look with a light pink lip tint that highlighted her natural beauty.


Josie Canseco sexy pics
Josie Canseco sexy pics

Her blond tresses were styled to fall straight on her back. Josie posed for some iconic close-up shots. Her facial expressions were the focal points of the images. The camera angle adorned the model’s sharp facial features and magnetizing eyes as she posed for the shots.


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Josie later changed into a pair of blue shorts to pose for some more pictures. She put on shiny earrings and covered her assets with her arms kept in the position of prayers. Her blond locks cascaded on the side of her shoulder, partially covering her face.


Joshie expressed her gratitude towards her Instagram followers in the post. She captioned the images, “some new work in honor of 1 million of you. thank you so much for the love (emoticon).”




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