DIY Ideas to Decorate Curtains for Living Rooms 2020

Choosing a good curtain for the living room means that we can vary even slightly, in the style that they bring to the space they occupy or that we achieve more light or luminosity. We can also guide you through the latest trends and thus find different proposals that we are going to see now and that you are sure to love. Next, 20 Decorating Ideas Curtains for Living rooms 2020.

Curtains for living rooms 2020

Curtains for Living Rooms 2020What are the latest trends in curtains for the living room? Well, if we take into account that the prints take a lot in the current interior decoration, with wallpapers of all kinds, we can add that the latest in curtains will go through those models that are printed.

In this way, we can see models of curtains that feature tropical type prints, with stripes or designs that bring a fresh style and completely renovated. In addition, we also have the option to bet on the trend of neutral tones.

When we do not have a large budget to change the furniture in the living room, or maybe we do not want to change the color of the walls, or repaint, a simple change of curtain can make the whole room look different and with a style new that surely you will love it, if you opt for any of the ideas that we now propose.

They are the newest ideas in curtains for the living room, although I am sure that some of them are going to want also for the bedroom, ready?

20 Decorating Ideas for Curtains for Living rooms 2020

Curtains in a neutral tone

Curtains for Living Rooms 2020One of the first ideas that we propose, is the commitment to those that are neutral color curtains. Models like this, from the new Leroy Merlin in room decoration for 2020, bring an elegant style to your living room.

Curtains like this will also serve so that you can combine it with the furniture in similar tones since they also wear a lot and even with that tendency to paint the walls gray, something that sweeps in 2020 and especially for stays like the living room.

Curtain in blue color

Curtains for Living Rooms 2020Along with the neutral tones that are currently worn, another of the colors we can choose for our curtains is blue. Since this is usually a tone that may darken the environment a little, perhaps the best option is then opt for a curtain.

In this way, we can do as in the image above (also Leroy Merlin), which has a semitransparent curtain but with a bluish tone that is really cool and perfect for your house look different now that the good weather is approaching.

Curtains in white

Curtains for Living Rooms 2020The white curtains not only do not go out of fashion but also this 2020 have been recovered to combine with all those colors of walls that are more striking. The good thing about these curtains is that they bring a lot of light to our living room and with them you can get better use of the natural light that comes in through the window, making it look more spacious.

If you like white as a color option for your living room curtains you can always opt for some that are completely smooth, although nowadays they also wear a lot that have a small or light print like these you see above, by Leroy Merlin.

Curtains of various colors

Curtains for Living Rooms 2020If you like the most striking colors you can choose a combination like this that you see above. The idea is simply very original because it consists in choosing the same curtains, but in different colors. A really modern style for our salon and innovative for this 2020. And best of all, we can make many combinations, until we find the one we like the most.

Like the previous ones, the idea has been taken from the new Leroy Merlin.

White curtains with print

Curtains for Living Rooms 2020Seen the best of the colors for the curtains of the living room in this 2020, we can not ignore the stamped proposals because as I said, they are trend.

In this way, you can choose a white curtain like the ones previously seen, although with a floral pattern that appears in a red color, and which are tiny, ideal as curtains for the spring season and also for rooms that are small. These are curtains of the new Ikea.

Curtains with leaf patterns

Curtains for Living Rooms 2020Also fashionable we can opt for the curtains that have prints as original as this one, with leaves.

Curtains that are sure to be great in your living room if they have a color of white walls, but also if they are green although weak. Like the previous one, it is a type of curtain perfect for the spring season.

If you like this style of curtain in particular, we can tell you that you can buy it among the new curtain proposals that Ikea has presented for this year.

Diverse print curtain

Curtains for Living Rooms 2020If you do not like the leaves or the floral pattern that is always present, you can opt for curtains like this one, also from Ikea.

A curtain that features different elements focusing on colors like blue and on a white background. This style will bring much modernity to the living room of your home as we can see in the photo above, especially if we find living room furniture and white walls.

Curtain with painting pattern

Curtains for Living Rooms 2020Another option of printed curtain that convinces us in the case of having your living room of white color, is this Ikea model called GRÄSLILJA that has a combination of colors that represents a kind of paint stains. Ideal both for modern salons and those that are minimalist.

The bet for the blinds

Curtains for Living Rooms 2020Apart from classic curtains or curtains, we also want to propose that you bet on the blinds that have become the perfect option for modern classrooms. In addition the neutral tone will be a success for them. In any case, you can also find them in many other colors. The main advantage of the blinds is the protection against the sun and that even many of them can be managed at a distance.

Thick curtains

Curtains for Living Rooms 2020With these curtains it is possible to have the greatest luminosity during the daylight hours, but also to isolate ourselves from it if we want to isolate a bit of sun. In our opinion thick curtains like this are always better in white or in shades close to white, since the darker ones give a much greater feeling of oppression. But that already goes in the opinions of each one. In addition, this type of thick and white curtains stick well with almost any type of furniture, and are very grateful for everything in larger rooms.

Double curtains

Curtains for Living Rooms 2020To achieve a more striking effect we can use double curtains with different colors and styles. We can even play with the designs or with the ways of tying or interlacing them. We have chosen these curtains in purple and white, but as we always say, you can let your imagination fly and use the colors that you like the most.

Dark curtains

Curtains for Living Rooms 2020If you are going to put dark curtains in the living room, we recommend that they be curtains of fine cloth to avoid, as we said before, that the atmosphere is too dark and oppressive. Of course, they will be much better if we choose some curtains that stick with the tonalities of the living room furniture. For example, in the above image we see how the style and color of the curtains goes perfectly with the color of the walls, the sofa or the chair. In other cases, it may be better to use brown or ocher tones instead of gray. Everything depends on the style and decoration of the rest of the room.

Curtain in different shades of blue

Curtains for Living Rooms 2020Another usual decoration of the curtains is to present the same color in different shades. In this case it is about curtains that have a slight hippy air, with that color graduation from darker tones in the lower part, to more clear in the upper part. In the case of these curtains in particular, they give a sensation of freshness and peace, in addition to the fact that blue sticks with everything. But if you prefer other colors, you can find options similar to this one.

Curtain with black and white stripes

Curtains for Living Rooms 2020The stripes, both vertical and horizontal, gain prominence also in the living room curtains. Far are those rancid curtains of yesteryear. Now you can innovate adding panels of vertical lines to the curtains to achieve a more striking effect. We have chosen this photo because it is a curtain adorned with two panels in black and white stripes, which are the most neutral a priori. But you can always combine the white stripes with another color, or choose any other colors.

Garnet and gold curtains

Curtains for Living Rooms 2020Patterned curtains can also look great in what classrooms. There are prints of all kinds, but we have chosen this as an example of a fairly classic cut pattern, but also quite striking. The maroon color goes on with the volleys of the armchairs, while the golden touches also stick well with the color of the floor or walls. An example of how to integrate a curtain well in the style of a room.

Horizontal striped curtains

Curtains for Living Rooms 2020The horizontal stripes can also be interesting, in the sense that they can help make your room seem larger. It is best not to be too thin stripes because it could give a feeling of dizziness. In the example of the image, purple tones have been chosen, but we can always choose another color of our choice. Again, the colors or decoration of the rest of the room is key. In the image we see that the purple-white curtain makes a lot of sense when going in harmony with the walls, the sofas, the cushions or the small carpet.

Several curtains and several colors

Curtains for Living Rooms 2020If our room is big enough, you can also consider the option of putting several curtains, and play with the colors of each of them. The possibilities, as we always say, are almost unlimited. In addition, we can not only vary between colors. If we are bold enough we can also vary between the styles of the curtains, and even succeed.

Polka dot living room curtains

Curtains for Living Rooms 2020The moles are quite controversial as far as decoration is concerned element. Some people love the joy and self-assurance they give, while others think it’s crappy… We’re not going to enter into that type of controversy, for colors are tastes. We simply remind you that it is just another option to consider. The curtains colored spots may be ideal for certain types of stays. Obviously they do not stick much in the decoration of an office or a room in a classic or rustic style, but they can be accommodated in other more casual environments.

Check curtains

Curtains for Living Rooms 2020What we have said of the curtains could be applied perfectly to the paintings, with the exception that the latter adapt better to different styles. In any case, the most common option for checkered curtains is to combine white with some other color. If you want to give a sober but elegant touch to the living room, an idea like the image above may be appropriate. If we want something more casual, we can choose red, yellow, orange, purple, etc.

DIY ideas to decorate curtains for living rooms 2020

Curtains for Living Rooms 2020Now it’s your turn to get down to work decorating the living room curtains. With the following DIY ideas to decorate curtains for 2020 salons, you will achieve that your stay will display a personalized decoration to your tastes and your way of being. Next we are going to give you a series of examples of DIY ideas to decorate curtains for 2020 salons that will mark the trend of this year in home decoration. Are you sure you want to miss it? Find inspiration in this article and apply it to your home below.

DIY ideas to decorate curtains for living rooms 2020 – with branch bar

Curtains for Living Rooms 2020An idea to decorate curtains for salons 2020 is the branch bar, like the one shown in the image below. It is a decorative element that evokes rustic styles, as if we were in a cabin in the countryside. The way to integrate the naturalizes in the decoration of curtains for salons is one of the highlights of these custom curtains. A very successful idea for our room.

DIY ideas to decorate curtains for living rooms 2020 – lights in the blinds

Curtains for Living Rooms 2020One of the DIY ideas for decorating curtains for 2020 salons is to add lights to the blinds, like the one shown in the image below. This idea, in addition to providing more light, represents a success for our little ones, since they can fall asleep simply by looking at these lights. Also, now that Valentine’s Day arrives, you can set the living room with these types of lights and recreate a more romantic scene that seems to be taken from a Hollywood movie.

Another one of the moments in which you can resort to this type of curtain decoration is at Christmas, as shown in the image. As you can see, there is a totally lit space that we bet from newdecortrends that will be a very nice picture of the next Christmas.

DIY ideas to decorate curtains for living rooms 2020 – curtains with flowers

Curtains for Living Rooms 2020If you are looking to play with the different reliefs, you may be interested in the curtains with flowers. We just have to select a few artificial flowers, stay with the cocoon and sew them to our curtains for 2020 salons. This idea is very attractive for wedding events, so you never know when you will be able to use it.

As you can see in the image, the vivacity in the color of the flowers bring joy and positive energy to the room, making it a pleasant place to live.

DIY ideas to decorate curtains for living rooms 2020 – faded curtains

Curtains for Living Rooms 2020One of the handicrafts in decorating curtains for 2020 halls are faded curtains. With this craft, our children can become part of the decoration of their home. With just one bucket of water with mixed dye, we will add the part of our curtain that we want to dye and then let it dry in a dry and warm place. When it is dry, we can see some results similar to those we present in the image below. This type of decoration of curtains is quite economical since one can make the design and the technique of bleaching, so try to try it.

As you can see, the bright colors of the curtains permeate the entire room, filling it with color and vivacity. In this case, a tone between yellowish and greenish has been chosen, but you can choose the color or the colors and design your personalized faded curtain. Do not think about it anymore and color your living room with faded curtains.

DIY ideas to decorate curtains for living rooms 2020 – braided curtains

Curtains for Living Rooms 2020If you have skills with your hands and you are good at braids, you may be interested in these braided curtains as DIY ideas to decorate curtains for 2020 halls. It is a visually very aesthetic idea and it is a real challenge for the designer. Do not worry, since the elaboration is not complicated, the only thing that requires a lot of attention.

Also, if you choose a tone like the one shown above, you will get more positive energy flow in your room and, therefore, you will feel more comfortable in your room.

Another of the designs of braided curtains is pendant mode, like the one shown in the image below. This style has a more hippie appearance and offers a look of a vintage living room, not only for its shape but also for the colors. Go ahead and add Nordic style furniture with these braided curtains and you will see how the results surprise you.

DIY ideas to decorate curtains for living rooms 2020 – curtains of pompoms

Curtains for Living Rooms 2020If you like colors and you want to add a touch of vivacity to your room, you may be interested in the curtains of pompoms that we present below. Its value is more aesthetic than functional, although it should be noted that it can be placed perfectly in front of a conventional curtain.

Now that we have given you several DIY ideas to decorate curtains for salons 2020, with which of all these decorating ideas with curtains would you stay? Look for inspiration in this blog and design your own decoration curtain for your room adapted to your preferences and needs. In this way, you will create a perfect environment so that you and your family are more comfortable in the room with the objects and furnishings that you have designed.

We have already seen some of the best curtain ideas for the 2020 room, but if you want to see the rest, we leave them all in this photo gallery:

If you are thinking about reforming the room or simply putting on new curtains, surely with these ideas you have managed to get a little idea of what you want. If not, we recommend you visit the IKEA catalog, Leroy Merlin or any of the specialized areas in this type of products. We hope that in the end you will find what you are looking for.

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