51 Hottest Veronika Zemanová Bikini Pictures Which Are Inconceivably Beguiling

Veronika Zemanová is a Czech porn actress, erotica and porn model, photographer, and musician. It was one of the most wanted soft porn models in the world. Growing up in a small town in the Czech part of Czechoslovakia, Veronika Zemanová high school visited in 1989. She was interested in biology and art and wanted a biologist.

After graduating from high school, they spent three years in a photo school. To make a living from school, she worked to open in many odd jobs as a waitress and saleswoman before her photo studio. After they have stolen much of the partially unpaid photographic equipment, it was to give up their own business.

Veronika Zemanová sexy pictures

They bought makeup equipment and worked as an assistant to photographers and makeup artists, but the makeup equipment was also stolen shortly after in 1997. When she informed her employer about the employer presented the failed wizard as a model.

Veronika Zemanová hot pictures
Veronika Zemanová hot pictures

The photoshoot took place in a castle in S & M Černáinstead from where they allegedly mainly German men to torture, dressed in leather, while she got photographed. Soon after, she met Stefano Santori in Rome, who later published a website about them, which allegedly never admitted.

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Veronika Zemanová sexy

This site is still online, even though it now has its official website. As further orders followed, she was forced to the photo studio to sell well. In addition to her career as an erotic model recorded Zemanová a new interpretation of the power plant in 2002. The model hit with the title The Model.

Veronika Zemanová sexy photo

The title was not officially released. After their marriage on 12 November 2003, she retired temporarily from the adult business in early 2004. They married the German businessman Franz Oswald UrsSchnetzler. In 2005 Jayson Rothwell was the feature film Zemanovaload about Veronika Zemanová.

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