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Nicole de Boer (brought into the world 20 December 1970, presently age 49) is the Canadian on-screen character who depicted ‘Ezri Dax’ during the seventh period of Star Trek, ‘Profound Space Nine.’

Nicole acted in advertisements and theater all through her youth and made her TV debut in a Red Skelton TV extraordinary considered Freddy the Freeloader’s Christmas Dinner at age 11. At the point when de Boer was seventeen, she handled an ordinary job on the Canadian show arrangement 9B, which publicized quickly in 1988.

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She was in the repetitive task on the mainstream Canadian sketch satire arrangement Kids in the Hall, on which Star Trek: Voyager visitor star Scott Thompson was a customary entertainer. On this arrangement, de Boer generally played Laura, the sweetheart of the anxiety-filled young person Bob, played by Bruce McCulloch.

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nicole de boer lingerie pics

In 1990, de Boer found in the American TV film The Kissing Place, which featured Star Trek: The Next Generation visitor on-screen character David Ogden Stiers. She additionally featured in the Canadian arrangement First Resort during this year.

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In 1991, de Boer showed up in a scene of the sci-fi arrangement Beyond Reality in which she was coordinated by Allan Kroeker, who later guided her for Deep Space Nine. After this underlying appearance, de Boer won a repetitive job on Beyond Reality as Celia Powell and again worked with Allan Kroeker in at any rate one other scene.

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She coordinated by Kroeker in the initial of the repulsiveness secret arrangement Forever Knight in 1992. Nicole made her film debut with the lead job in the 1992 awfulness continuation Prom Night IV: Deliver Us from Evil.

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That equivalent year, she turned into a standard on the Canadian arrangement Catwalk, during which time she again worked with Allan Kroeker. Paul Popowich was likewise a customary on this arrangement, which broadcast through 1994.

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