51 Hottest Ginger Lynn Allen Bikini Pictures Which Are Essentially Amazing

Cult movie starlet Ginger Lynn Allen suffered a childhood marred by dysfunction, physical violence, and parents left behind, eventually becoming the most popular entertainers of adult movies from the 80s’.

Born in Rockford, IL, and was raised by grandparents from the father after the age of 12, Allen moved with them to California shortly after graduating from high school. In 1983 he auditioned for a modeling agency and accepted an offer to pose nude for Penthouse magazine the same day.

Ginger Lynn Allen Lingerie Pics
Ginger Lynn Allen Bikini Pics
Ginger Lynn Allen Bikini Pics

Allen loves the attention in a few months began to appear in pornographic films, many of which star vehicle for young seducer immediately became popular (known in the business at the time as Ginger Lynn). He Films include New Wave Hookers, ginger Sex Asylum, and Supergirls Do General Hospital, and many have maintained their popularity with lovers of adult videos.

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In two years, he appeared in 69 adult films, working with such luminaries as porn Traci Lords, John Holmes, and director Gregory Hippolyte. She quit the adult film business in 1986, hoping to get into the mainstream acting, the role found in a low-budget, straight-to-video action and comedy features such as Wild Man and Vice Academy series.

Actress weathered legal difficulties in 1991 when she convicted for filing false tax returns and spend some time in a drug rehabilitation center. During this time, he also became famous tabloid when she began dating actor Charlie Sheen, whom she met while working at Young Guns 2.

Allen’s career continued through the remainder of the decade, with appearances on NYPD Blue, television programs Superforce children, Wing Commander III CD-ROM game, and a series of an anaerobic exercise video. In 1999, Allen returned to the pornographic films with Torn and New Wave Hookers 6 but did not stop working towards success as the lead actress.

He appeared in the Hollywood spoof of The Independent and provides a powerful image of aging stripper struggling to raise their children in “Turn the Page” video for the heavy metal band Metallica.

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